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The Gracious Poker Player is the Winning Poker Player

Some poker players would tend to have rather poor manners and etiquette when it comes to playing in a poker game. There are those who behave in a slightly offensive or impatient manner in order to get a response from his or her opponents. This sort of behavior should be greatly avoided when playing at the poker table as it gives a bad reflection on one's character and demeanor.

Certain players would tend to practice some tactics at the poker table that are poor in etiquette and manners just so that they can get a reaction from other opponents. For instance, some would try to string bets. This should be avoided as it is deviously rude and would tend to make the other players have a false idea that one is placing a higher wager than he actually is. Upon grabbing chips and placing a bet, one should only grab the number of chips that he really intends to wager so as not to freak the other players out. Avoid stringing out the wager if possible!

Some players on the other hand, would be so rude as to try to hit on other poker players at the table. Whether or not the that particular player is attractive or not, any player should try to refrain from coming on to the other players while in a poker game as that could be very rude behavior indeed! Certain players would only use this act as a way to make the other, more advanced players, a bit uncomfortable or try to make them feel uneasy. But for those who are genuinely attracted to another poker player at the table, it is adviseable to wait till after the game, and one should stand a better chance at getting to know the other player better, rather than to distract them from their game while at the poker table.

Furthermore, it is inappropriate behavior to start making comments or remarks about hands that are being played even if it is your hand. This would start to give some unfair and uncalled for advice to the poker player beginners and newbies. Never talk about your own hand or of the cards that you have just thrown.

In certain games such as Texas Hold 'Em and Omaha, blinds are usually required and it is also inappropriate behavior to begin leaving the table when it is one's turn to pay a blind. There are a number of players who would intentionally use this tactic in order to avoid a betting position that he would consider not to benefit him.

It is always essential to have some good manners in a poker table, and anywhere for that matter! One should avoid playing like a jerk as no one would really want to spend time with people who are uncouth and have no manners.

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The Winning Poker Player
Having good manners and observing the right conduct is important for any player to remember when playing at the poker table. No one enjoys playing with ill-mannered people, so various etiquette must be observed.

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